Orange Cake Mix

Besides Diva’s qualities of a soft spongy cake with a big

volume, this cake mix gives a unique and delicious taste

of baked orange.


Can be used with: Topping cream. Custard.


Preparation Method

Add Diva cake + 3 eggs + 120 grams of butter (Half a cup) + 50 ml water (¼ of a cup).
Whip the ingredients at slow speed for 1 minute then whip at maximum speed for 7 minutes.
Grease the cake pan with oil or butter to avoid sticking.
Pour the mixed ingredients in the cake pan.
For best results use the following pan size:
Rectangular pan “29cm x 12cm” / Round pan (Medium size) “24cm”
Adjust oven at 200 degrees and bake the Diva cake for 40 minutes. *Do not open oven during baking.
Do not remove from pan or slice for 30 minutes until temperature cools down then slice and serve.

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